Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The title of my blog is based off of a book turned into a movie a while back about Chuck Barris. Dude invented classic tv shows like the dating game, The Newlywed Game and The gong show. Classics for you older heads. Hahaha, But the wild thing was he was suppose to be a agent for the CIA murking people as an assassin as mentioned in his biographical film and book.
So after watching the movie a couple of times. (I need to add it in my collection for real) The thing I love about it was the questioning of him being a assassin by people.
And that’s the thing. People have this notion of who you are and running with this small notion like it’s actual facts. Hahahaha. Yea right. But with this blog I’m gonna be more expressive. Less cutting and pasting other people verbals. Maybe you might find out I use to be a Agent in the long run of this hahaha. Enjoy


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