A date with Time

Last night I wanted to go to the Smif N Wessun show. The energy beforehand felt so right for it, but i had to keep in mind about how my time is going to be on lock next weekend with the multiple events going on.
The heart of the matter is, I create a lot of what I do in my mind before it hits the pad. But at the same time I got to be at the rest to put the artwork in motion. So everything has to be on point with me before the full execution of what I do. Also, I have the weight of my projects on my shoulders added with the weight of heads that paid or going to pay me to do their projects. Many, many, many deadlines.
So no Smif N Wessun, No Gi joe which I thought I was going to peep out this morning. I’ve been trying to get to City of Ink just to see my peoples for 3 weeks now but no haps. I have the weekends off from the blue collar job so you would think I was good and work is far from the picture. Naw. Smh
But yo! Everything will work itself. I just got to work with time. I’m not going to let it beat me


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