The King is here!!!

photo by Dawn Polley

I did this piece for my dude JAX (R.I.P) for the Arts beat and Lyrics show which did their home coming
August 7th 2009 in the ATL. Now let me tell you the real reason why I did this piece.
I was watching the Sopranos on A&E and it was the episode where Tony was in a coma after he got
shot in the stomache by jr, but to himself he was wandering lost trying to find his identiy.
But there was a scene where if he walked into this house, it would be the end to the land of the living.
And he would’ve crossed over to death. But he heard his daughter and wife voice and
woke out of the comma.
So I saw this. and I kept in mind about when Flux mentioned in that creative loafing article. After a
few attempts of reviving Jax and “To me, personally, it looked like he was leaving right then,”
So I went in to this whirl wind of thoughts about why Jax didn’t come back and etc ,etc, etc.
The thoughts just got Deep. So I just transfer that energy into the artwork and thus JAX FOREVER KING always to the people


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