Please listen to my Demo

Damn, I just finished a chapter in my up and coming art book Complex simplicity. 20 pages back and front. I think that chapter I did was the hardest chapter in the book with art work to spare. My man flux shot me some suggestions about what I should do. I know he got a mean artistic eye.
Plus it’s always good to get that outside point of view. But his suggestion was for me to have 2 or 3 different joints on the same page.
I know a lot of the art work was created for pic profiles on myspace so I had a couple of long slender artwork that would work well with his suggestion.
But looking at it as a whole. A person would never get bored going from page to page. Colorful and a lot of motion. So right now I’m feeling rather happy about this.
I still gotta draw people for the interview section, but I got their sketches knocked out so I’m good with that and the game plan is to get that cover done this coming week. I want to have the pre-sales around my bornday this month. So ready or not people, here I come Dun Sun!!!


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