A hero ain’t nothing but a Sandwich

While I was stuck at the job tonight. I was telling myself how I was gonna do this and that when I get back to the crib. Really, Really put in work. So after a long hot evening at the job and the train ride and the walk to the rest. i turned on the computer to do some work. No haps. Caught up just like that. I checked my email. I had a funny story to throw up in twitter. Nope!. Check my facebook page, nod off a bit while laying down watching the original dude that the tv show the Cleaner about. Got up took a shower and now watching the first 48. I thought I was gonna do all this work but don’t ever fight what your body is telling you loud and clear. Because the results might be something you wish you never did in the first place. I guess I can do the super artist thing in the morn because we don’t need another hero tonight. Hahahahah


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