Goodie Goods

First off. My computer been in the shop for a couple of days. My man flux pass me his old G4 to use. I appreciate that move real tough. It’s hard to get use to designing or creating on somebody computer. A lot of my usual tactics of create is not on here so I have to improvise. But anything worth have comes with struggle. I guess that goes with creating also.
But the picture displayed was suppose be a t shirt design for the Goodie Mob reunion show. Te concept was the Dungeon Family family tree. I was here in The ATL when goodie Mob drop. My old roommate did albums cover and T shirt designs for the record company La face for the group while attending the Art institute of Atlanta. Oh, the good ole days.
But I wanted the image real raw like the crew. Threw the Caddy in the pic with the black confederate flag and thought is was good to go.
Nope, But I still dig this joint tough.


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