Just 2 Get By

Esta, the lovely sister in this picture is a reminder of another part of my hustle. Jungle 45 clothing. Well the concept for the t shirt was just a random thought that needed to be put out in the world.
Every so often there is this heavy spurt for the Jungle45 clothing. In Sahhr “still Dope” video. which is a breath of fresh air to see a sister do her thing thing. The jungle45 clothing is shown 5 times which don’t seem a lot but within a short time span of a video it’s a good thing.
Right now I’m doing a lot with the art but I can’t never forget my second love of creating. Designing and putting out T shirts.
I guess one thing at a time. And i told myself starting in Oct 1st. I would write something everyday in this blog because it’s basically about my thoughts and my hustle. Which is constantly in motion


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