Blueberry Tropical Twist


I was actually working on this for Dj Jamad for the In The Mood mixcd collaboration he’s doing with Mood Music. Something for the cover for the next installment. i don’t know if it’s even going to jump off but I finished the art work anyway. I currently got a lot on my plate but I often try to help heads in need. I usually pay the price after. That part they don’t really care to know about. The art I create is time consuming. It looks easy, but i have a blue collar job also, so my time is spent before or after work creating stuff. Added with the rest of my grind. But a lot of people see things from their perspective only, so the saga continues.
The name of this is just based off the colors used and I’ve been drinking a lot of blueberry green tea during stormy nights hahha. And my life is a twist when dealing with people. But it’s funny how I went from the dilla joint to this. Got to expand your graphic boundaries. Hope heads dig. Prints of this? Maybe. Who knows.


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