Autumn Bliss


I don’t think people overstand how busy I am right now. So, I’m good with the Dj Jamad mood series project. We still building on the agreement but dude ask can I do a cover to match the fall season for the next joint but it still gotta to be sexy at the same time. If colors has to deal with the situation I might be aight to create something. Sexy, that’s just a fly look to the kid. But He haven’t seen this yet. but I wanted to get some public opinion about it first. i’m still going to work on that joint. Mainly the hands. I want to put some henna art on it just to add to the visuals. But I’m going to do that in the morning. So it’s work in the morn as usual


2 thoughts on “Autumn Bliss

  1. I think it’s lookin good homie! Jamad needs to take it back to his illustrated covers and this is right up his alley. You’ve got the brown tones and autumn-feel covered, any color you add to this text-wise is gonna be that jump off!!

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