Damn, i didn’t even think about throwing this in the art book. but I did this based around my dude Jax (RIP) Sharper images album. thus the knives it the background. I made the facial expression on some ice grill ish. This was the actual first vector I did of Jax. They had jokes saying I had him looking like he was Rican. hahahaa. Always good times. But yea, this going on a 2 page spread in the new book. I got to get it framed for the rest also. JAX FOR EVER KING SON!!!


One thought on “THE KING IS HERE!!!

  1. Kid Captain Coolout November 4, 2009 / 9:04 pm

    “like he was Rican”
    LOL!! Now that’s some funny shit for ya.
    This one deserves to be in the book on GP homie!
    Lemme know how that’s coming along.

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