She’s so Complex

So this sister saw the artwork I did for Spike lee and wanted one done of her. This is sized at 24×36. She wanted it in my style plus she wanted herself on the complex magazine cover. It took a minute for me to get into it.
I was having a phuck the world type of attitude due to heads I was dealing with. But I overcame it and started on this project. She wants it by the 15 of this month so I had no choice but to work on it. But it’s looking good though. And it’s a great start for me to start getting back into the artwork for real


3 thoughts on “She’s so Complex

  1. We Are Rtists November 4, 2009 / 2:43 pm

    You better get back into artwork… or ELSE!

  2. Kid Captain Coolout November 4, 2009 / 7:00 pm

    She picked a good magazine to be on, it’s almost the only one left that’s worth reading. I take it she’s gonna get it printed and framed like you do it at the shows. If so, that’ll be whassup. It’s lookin good so far.

  3. gold45 November 8, 2009 / 3:34 am

    yea, she love this joint. She mentioned how she showed mad heads in her office. hope it drums up some business

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