Throwback like a Quarterback

For some odd reason people think us artist is nice from birth with what we do. oh, yea. Just like the same myth that we like creating art all the time instead of chilling. Yea right. This is one of my first vector artwork done a couple of years back.
The site I was on during this time thought I was the str8 truth with it. Man, they gassed me up like balloon boy flying over the dessert. hahaha.
But the heart of the matter is, my frame of thought was “I could do better”. So i just kept finding the hardest pics with the most details to work on. When i got tired of drawing so called superstars, I focus on the real superstars. People I actually know. And I put in the same energy creating them joints.
But my frame of thought is still “I can do better” And maybe by next year I’ll be showing you my latest stuff repeating these same words of striving to be better. Nonstop like hip-hop use to be baby!!!


2 thoughts on “Throwback like a Quarterback

  1. We’ll never be able to escape that theory homeboy. What we do may seem as a mystical power, in the eyes of those who can’t draw at all. Just as the players on any given field, ring, arena or media setting may seem to us. It’s hard work and hours of sleepless practice to get good… twice as much output for us to get better. Without a doubt, next year you’ll be looking back at this year’s work saying just what you’ve said. This is dope though, I’ve never seen this one before.

  2. yea, i got a lot of pre artwork like this. It’s like anything. It looks better in your head until you actual make it. hahaha. But I love it because it was that beginning stage

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