Being A Problem

Even though i did this for my peoples just cause. This joint was a problem son. I guess because i was trying to make everything perfect. And i just couldn’t catch it. But it still worked out. I guess i’m building a extra style with what i’m doing. The last joint i posted and this one have a similar hard edge look but it works. At least to me. But it was something I didn’t want to brush off. Don’t think I wasn’t looking at the trash can on the computer to toss it in. But i’m ready to work on these other projects. I’m still growing and with that. I’m checking, reading and consuming different joints just to add to the pencil. But we will see.


2 thoughts on “Being A Problem

  1. This one looks official right here. Them colors is jumping off nice against that black. Whatever problems you may have had during the process of completing this, sure paid off in the end. It’s another one of those things that non-artists won’t comprehend… how much work we put into some of our pieces. I’d put this one in the book kid!

  2. word. sometimes, i feel like the most untalented idiot on the planet, but making art is about pushing through that to get to the solution.

    you managed to get past the difficulties well, and it still LOOKS graceful and easy! great work!

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