Getting in the Damn Mood!!!!

Aight, Dj Jamad confirm to me yesterday that he’s feeling the cd layout for his collaboration with Mood’s Music music store in the ATL. The cd comes out every month. And yea, that means i have to have 12 cd covers done. If I think about how many covers I’m doing, it’s gonna delay me from doing the covers. Can I get a church!!!! hahaha. But on the real. I’m gathering photos for it now. And if you know me. Which I doubt, but I’m gonna try to throw some heads I know on the cover. But it’s like this, Dj Jamad make dope cds with fly music. Mood’s Music known for selling dope music and i’m adding aight artwork for the cd so it should be dope. Look for it when it drops.


2 thoughts on “Getting in the Damn Mood!!!!

  1. That’s fresh that he’s gotchoo doin a whole series…. 12 covers sounds like a lot at first but, it’s not if you’re knocking em out once a month. Looks like you’ve got 3 put away already, nice. This should be a tight addition to your portfolio holmes… stay widdit!

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