Mind over what and don’t MATTER!!

Man, this was one of them tougher than leather weeks for real for real. But I told Jay Force I would have this cd cover for him. This might’ve of been the hardest cover i’ve done just based off my current mood this week that was throwing me off. Aggh! I just sent this to him so I hope he dig and look for the download next week of some the finest lyrics for your ear.


2 thoughts on “Mind over what and don’t MATTER!!

  1. Sun you be pumping out shit like you got a staff on deck. Doing all of this graphic work and putting in hours at the J-O has gotta have you in a crazy state sometimes. I dunno how many obligations you currently have but, I smell an unplugged vacation on the rise. Unless Jayforce had a specific concept he wanted you to execute, I can’t see why he wouldn’t be feeling this. Glad you came through for him kid, that’s good work ethics.

  2. Word up fam. Sometimes it’s a beast but I keep it moving. You know how it is but I don’t let heads see me sweat for real. If they think i’m a machine with this, so be it.

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