I’m not gonna front. This is like my favorite cd cover I’ve done. You might be thinking “yea it looks cool”. Naw, more so it was a nice challenge to create. I didn’t run from it. A group shot ain’t that easy to do, then me adding my own flair to it added more the job.
I know Kwez of Luin Den had this on ice for a about a year (or maybe longer than that) after he payed me to do the cd artwork. But he got at me the other day for it. I changed the font in the front and added the insert that he never got. He sent me the cd and the joint is dope so it gave me extra energy to really get into the project.
But today. The Dj Jamad cover and working on that Jax joint next week. I got a short work week next week. So i’ll try to force myself to get some rest and get some of this stuff knocked out slowly. Yea right


3 thoughts on “U GOT A CREW U BETTER TELL THEM!!

  1. That cover came out dope, I’m surprised they waited this long to use it. And you’re right about group shots. The more characters you add to a picture, the smaller the space you have to show detail… and CD cover sizes aint the biggest to work with. I’m in the same boat on that Jax artwork, just started it yesterday.

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