Well this the fourth cover of the Moods music and Dj jamad cover. i think they gonna put together a holiday music pack with all the cds next month. I don’t know. I do know I’m tired. Got a couple of days off this week. I think one of them days I’m not going to touch the drawing pad or look at the computer and trying to get some actual rest, food and sleep.
During the holiday I don’t hear from anybody because there with their fam. Phone won’t ring one bit. So I should be able to relax. I start work on sunday this weekend so that’s a extra at the J.O. Yea, ish about to get gritty son!! Hope heads dig. Oh yea. shouts to Sallome for being the perfect reference for this


One thought on “IN A TIRED MOOD!!

  1. You’re steadily knockin these down one by one, progress is always good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you draw a chick with eye-wear on outside of shades, maybe I have and don’t remember… that’s a fresh look though. And I’d follow your gut instincts during the holiday…

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