This was my latest artwork for the “Who’s Jax?” art show, which took place at the city of ink last friday. That night we had plenty of dope representation of my man Jax.

Many fly visuals with dope concepts were present at the show. But for this image, I was dawning on or just thinking about that animation Ghost in the Shell. The idea is based around the idea of the soul which is our ghost is trapped in our body which could be defined as our shell. Well in the movie, machines.

To me, Jax’s spirit is alive and well but physically he’s not here with us. But i used multiple warm colors to define the shell or the flesh but at the same time, land and  foundation.
but every thing moving in a upward position. The blue arrow is the upward motion and direction of the soul which rep the sky  towards the heavens.


One thought on “HE RISE!!!!

  1. Nice colors in this one, it makes your line-work pop-off more. You picked a good picture to draw from too, this is the only one I’ve seen of Jax in a profile-view. Good work as always Goldi, yall did the damn thing with that show.

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