Lost in the mood

Man, this was a remix of the december cd for the in the Mood mixed by Dj Jamad. If you looking for them joints. Smh. I’ll keep you posted about that but for now, it’s a no haps situation. Go figure because I stop trying to figure things out. 100


4 thoughts on “Lost in the mood

  1. I liked the first one but I aint gonna lie, I do like this one better! The shades is bangin’ and the way you freaked the hair with the swirl in the background is dope! This looks sharper, cleaner and more bold. But whoa… is you sayin the CD’s themselves is missin’ in action? If so I’m SMH too!!

  2. word appreciate the shout fam. Well, Dj Jamad sent me text saying he’s gonna have the 3 out of the 4 months of the cd done on monday. I thought heads was gonna do the holiday package thing.I’m just not fond of the waiting game. I respect other people time. But it’s a flow to this. But we’ll see. I know when he’s done it’s gonna be dope though.

  3. Yeah son sun… you got off on this joint. End the year with a mothasuckin BANGG!!!!!! I agree with H2… the hair is poppin’. The highlights on the glasses is poppin’ in the streets! HAAAAAAAA!

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