First off I got to Salute Dj Jamad and Daryl from Moods Music for letting me actually do my things with these covers. This is the 6th covers. The sister in the picture is JENEL CARTER.
I’m trying to get a lot ladies I know on these covers because of course it’s not what that average cd suppose to display. i know it’s easier to comb the internet, find a pic and draw it. But I enjoy drawing my peoples because the energy project in the artwork which gets the Dj Hype to create dope music to match with it.
Now I’ m not saying if you pass me a pic and it’s a given. oh, no! The people I gave props to up top got to feel it also, and their rougher than the judges in American idol with the visuals. Hahahaha. But this is a actual project I look forward to doing with these cats without the politics I usually have to deal with other people.
But snatch them up at MOODS RECORD down in little 5 points and other spots.


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