Lead Poison

photo by martin walker

I’m at the point where i don’t want to draw. Maybe it’s because of the people i’m dealing with or just life as a whole. Who knows? To many hurdles in the path . I know “anything worth having in life comes with struggle’. I have no problem with that. I can accept that fully. But when people make the simply things difficult in their favor or just on purpose. That shit urks me and effects my creative process.
It’s enough when your dealing with clients and the job you working while while working. That’s a given, but when it runs in your personal life with people who’s suppose to hold you down it become a situation where you want to escape from it all. Solitude sounds better and better.
I’m overcoming the feeling by avoiding the problem. Not running from it, but just directing my option towards people and things that really have my best interest. The funny thing about this is that some of the people that swear they got my best interest will be the victim of this detachment. Reason being they usually don’t realize their flakiness is the cause of the dam that’s blocking my creative flow. Like i said “clients and the day job is a given”. But anything else don’t help the situation for me because their suppose to be my life line to being the best i’m suppose to be. Man, the saga continues. But i’m about to make it happen. And expect to see more writing from me in the blog also. Salute


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