My mind hurts! But as you can tell in the (shouts to Soul for the link) pic it’s a slight carbon copy of a piece flux and I did. At first my response was what the phuck! But I thought about it and said to myself “these cats showing us more love with our piece than the people having the show” Shit, we can’t even be there to physically represent our self. Maybe if we met these dudes. Bugged out a little bit. Saluted a few drinks then exchange info the outcome might of been different. This also might be a sign that we need to get prints of our work. But then there’s that issue of us not being there to rep our shit.
This isn’t the first time our art work caught some attention

Geechie Suede of Camp lo had this pic in this pic profile of twitter for over a month (shouts to stahhr for the link) Another one of flux and I creations, from the St. louis art beats and lyrics show. It’s dope but we wasn’t there for that show either. I’m not on here complaining because we about to submit a new piece for art beats and lyrics show in DC this coming friday. The shit ain’t even about the show any more. It’s about the people and If we inspire people like this without us being there. The power of what we do will be timeless for everybody.
We mos defly gonna be in Charlotte and the ATL beasting tough. But for now, Ideas , concept and new ventures is the topic of choice and right now I honestly don’t give a phuck about too much and that’s the real. So save the sideway talk. Nothing personal. It’s about elevation


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