I posted a sketch earlier of the visuals of this design. i was able to find a side view picture of Andre and it had some pretty dope pictures of Mos def from the Boogie man album all online. Since the title of the cd is “Andre vs Dante” I wanted it to look like a confrontation some what. I know the visuals had to be past the basic colors. Warm colors as usual. These color are mostly felt by the people and it works because both of these cats are really felt. The text in the background which are their lyrics collide in the center to incorporate the mash up theme of both artist. Just like how the colors of each artist cross each other. But with me it’s all a thought process on some art & reason ish. i know people prefer downloads other than the tangible cd. But if you give them some fly artwork with the dope music like how it use to be back in the days. The appreciation of the cd as a whole is worth getting. But being a thinking artist with your art is a beautiful thing. Show and prove that. But listen and support the flyness right here and get further detail about the ‘Andre vs Dante” party in the ATL.


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