staHHR “Almost Neva Was” insert cd design

This was suppose to be the opposite side of the “Almost neva was” tangible cd design. The concept is based on staHHr idea of creating a collage of her and fly heads she knows and surround herself around. I kinda of knocked it out because she had a lot of pics. But of course doing a collage is not easy as it seems, because it still got to have a vision instead of looking like somebody just threw some pictures together. But support staHHR and on her site because she always will be ‘still Dope”


2 thoughts on “staHHR “Almost Neva Was” insert cd design

  1. Stahhr June 4, 2010 / 1:44 pm

    That’s what it is fam, I still want to use this joint too, we gotta update the pics though.. Much has changed. Joint is so gangsta.. Gotta get my fed reserve notes on deck for real.. You have me charged up looking at this right now. Peace and love!!

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