I’m back for the first time with my art book. And it feels smashing I have to say. I know the first time I mentioned doing this book I kinda set myself up. The wave of people asking who, what, when where and how hit me like Betty White in that snicker commercial. Hahahah. So I end up starting a mission that I thought I needed to be on, but wasn’t mentally ready for. So I end up putting visuals and layouts together but I wasn’t feeling it. And I kept telling myself this gonna work but it wasn’t so I chilled.
Meanwhile, people still asking about the art book. And All i can say was “i’m working on it” But i stayed creative and created mad joints for heads. Until it finally felt right. I visualize the book. I felt the book and I could actually explain to my people flux what direction I wanted to go with it.
So i’m at it again. Flux and I created damn near a P90X schedule with this art book. Meeting 3 times a week. Having deadlines for each chapter. brainstorming like crazy and of course buggin the phuck out! Hahahahaha.
So now I’m listening to dope ass music going through classic magazine that have dope layouts for the art book. The layout gots to be Dope. But you know how I do. “I work before I go to work” son!!! Hahaha, but I feel good yo!. I really appreciate heads that’s on my side with this and want to see it happen. The list is crazy. From heads that get at me tough on the phone, face to face or people in general that RT my tweets whenever I mention I have new artwork. Heads like 84 area, culture king, Gritty comittee, ghetto magna etc, etc, etc who throw me up in their blogs to keep me in there like swim wear.Yea, it’s on, on on!!!


One thought on “THE BOOK OF GOLDI GOLD

  1. You puttin out that book is like a musician putting out their first record. You’ve got mad hours in the studio and done been on a gang of stages performing… now it’s all about putting together a full body of work. This aint supposed to be easy decision-wise so it’s good that Flux is helping you out. Two heads thinking for the better of the project is a plus in my book. Take your time with it fam. People will continue to ask about it becuz they know it’s in the works and they anticipate it. One big work-in-progress… it’ll be ill to see all of the joints together that, we may have missed or forgotten about through the years. You’ve done so much! Big up homie and keep chiseling away at it.

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