First of all I have to give shouts to E.LISHA & STAHHR for the new BGR shirt rockage pics. Man, it’s a beast staying creative with everything under the sun. But it has to happen. I appreciate all the heads that support Jungle45 in some shape or form. The list is massive. And the best thing in this small but big world is I don’t have to ask for support. The masses just step up front and show and prove. Heads rock the joints in their videos, Photo shoot. Their planned event whether organizing it or rocking it on stage, etc, etc, etc. THANK YOU FOR THAT! You got to love that loyalty which keep the motivation to create and produce new products alive.
It’s hard though when your trying to be a successful artist. while working at a hot (due to the sun hot) blue collar job and dealing with the daily struggles that comes within self or others. But everything mentioned is part of living in this concrete jungle and it’s commonly expressed through the gear.
It’s a science to this. And if you don’t think so. Try it yourself and see how long you last. But this is a THANK YOU TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!


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