Art to Die 4

These are some of the visuals I’m submitting to be entered in the Dame Dash artist call. If picked the art work will be displayed in his New york Gallery with a couple of other artist. It’s funny that I have to be constantly reminded that I have a style of my own. Which isn’t the case but it is at the same time. My mental state is still all over the place but it’s not stopping me from doing what I need to do. Shouts to my Dude Nick for shooting the information to me. That dude has had my back for a minute and the thought alone of him sending that info to me is more than enough or reason for me to enter that joint. I’m running with a outlook that’s realistic than war or the act of it. But I’m mailing this disc off with the fee monday and we’ll see what happen. Heads will know who I am in the long run. That’s my honest thoughts right there. Enjoy life peoples


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