Understanding BOOG BROWN

It’s funny how you might know everything about a person but still don’t know them. Or you might just know a little about a person but the simple fact that you understand them goes a long way. Often with the art I create I work with understanding a person. It might be something they don’t see in themselves but just creating that image in the artwork really define the piece.
So when Mello commission me do the Boog Brown piece for the A3C. I approach the art work with the eye of understanding her. Found some pictures of her and just caught that look that made all the sense in the world to create. Honestly, I’m not here to prove I’m the flyest artist. I just want to create some fly shit from time to time and If it’s people I know or don’t know I want to at least approach the subject matter with some understanding. But this piece is the joint!! Boog is the joint!!! and I’m glad heads dig it. Salute!!!


2 thoughts on “Understanding BOOG BROWN

  1. Your profile pic-style illustrations get around like Tupac & The Underground. You’ve done so many over the years that it’s become a signature move altogether. If all the people you did pictures of, went and got stickers made, you’d be everywhere, everyday!

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