kala’s collage a day therapy

Damn, Makala beat my to the punch. I was ready to blog about her Collage a day therapy when she hit me with my own dope collage this morning. Yea! for me! Some artist don’t overstand how to challenge themselves with what they do. I respect Makala and Luladae Terefe daily efforts of creating dope art for the people and to better themselves.
Now it would be easy for me to post the collage she did of me and keep it moving but it’s not about me it’s about Miss. unspokenwordd. The collage above best suit this sister. Rising above the occasion. When I hear any form of doubt with what she’s doing or about to do. I remind her of what she has done. It’s easy for us artist to lose track of the amazing things we’ve done because our constant goal of searching for the perfect piece or idea to create. Keep spread your wings mama. The view from the top is a beautiful thing and you shining now. Salute
On facebook: kala’s collage a day therapy


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