Reality is something you rise above-Liza Minnelli

This is the start of my 365 project starting today. Attack of The Black Book will be daily drawing I will post on here everyday. The style is the style I’ve been doing most life. Everything from the imagination. No computers, just Pencil, pens and markers. I’m doing this project for myself.
I know as artist we commit to other people projects. Some we love and Some it’s just about that scrilla. And our time end up being consume by others which leave little to us. I’ve talked to plenty of artist about having time to create something for them selves on the daily and it’s tough.
but I will continue knocking out these projects and work on the many stuff I have to do for other people but this is a must right here. like i said “I’M DOING THIS FOR MYSELF” you can enjoy the ride with me or you can keep it moving on your own behalf. Sometimes we have to commit to us before we can define others with our work.


4 thoughts on “ATTACK OF THE BLACK BOOK: DAY 1

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more bro, I might try to follow you on this daily sketch plan. It’s small steps like this that turn into big strides in the end. You could bust one of these out everyday and then mesh them all together on one big piece on the 365th day. A picture that really took you a year to make…

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