H2O:Think Inside The Box Series: Days 1-4

Oh! This is gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!

Inspired by my comrade Goldi Gold and his Attack Of The Black Book series, I’ve decided to stroll along for the ride on his year of the arts mission. For 365 days straight, Goldi will be hand-drawing a new piece in his black book. There are no computer applications involved and no specific topics to follow. Just drawings in-the-moment like we used to create before we started out-sourcing ourselves.

Technology is detaching us from values and making us more inhuman by the day. It’s sped up our lifestyles to a pace that we can no longer enjoy for long. As an artist, I’ve traded my Rapidographs for a Wacom and can’t remember the last time that i inked a picture. I’d put away my Design markers and went straight to Adobe for colors. True indeed the results are for the better but the values of the two aren’t the same.

For 365 days straight i’m going to Think Inside The Box… READ


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