Consumed by Veggie and Fruits

I’m fasting. Veggie, fruits, nuts and water have been in my daily for 16 days now. I’m going toe to toe with my Attack of the black book. It’s wild for me to be aware now of how much junk food I purchase to curb my appetite. Mostly cookies and chips at the job (the vending machine is the devil) or while trooping to the rest.
It’s wild also that when you doing anything to better yourself people think it’s church related. Inspiration is inspiration from whatever source but you have to keep in mind that ‘anything possible” when you tell yourself these words and put it into action.
But i’m going for maybe 21 or 30 days. I appreciate the support of heads that knew I was doing this. appreciate the support of The Attack of the Black book also. The double uno is gonna be define but our actions more than ever. Salute!


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