Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.-Dr. Hans Selye


3 thoughts on “ATTACK OF THE BLACK BOOK: DAY 18

  1. Crazy shit yo… I was watching this documentary on the History Channel last night called “Ancient Aliens: The Pyramids”. They were talking about how humans were helped by extra-terrestrials in making the Pyramids, Stonehenge and all the other mysterious sites around the world. They also went further to say that aliens were the “Gods” that people prayed to back then. Anyway, the Vatican church was involved in the discussion and the whole Heaven/Hell part’s been circling my mind all day. Long story short, you and i ended up with an entry of very similar reference but for completely different reasons. That shit is wild!

  2. man, i’m driven by good and evil and the way it’s defined by people in cultures thus the constant use of devils and angels in my artwork. haha and that’s wild yo because my next joint is of a alien

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