30 IS THE NEW 30

Tomorrow is gonna be day 25 of the Attack of the black book and my fast. The game plan was to only do 21 days. But my dude flux and a couple of heads mentioned I should run it for 30 days. In the pic is a salad I made with a banana and carrot smoothie on the side. That blender been taking a beating during this fast hahaha. I’m trying to get my people to whip me up something fly for the super bowl. She got the skills to pay many bills with her cooking. But appreciate the support as usual. I have a couple of projects to knock out this month. And I’m gonna be in a few shows. The saga always continues like the art. Can’t stop the bumrush!! Salute


3 thoughts on “30 IS THE NEW 30

  1. Props on the dedication to that fast my dude. Restrictions to a diet is more than mind over matter, that’s some tough shit. But like the homies advised, if you’ve come this far, you can do another 6 days. Push-on fam-o, push-on!

  2. Yea fam. I just wanted start off 11 with the art and the physical. Now “I GOT TO CLEAN UP MY SPOT!!!!!” Hahahaha. Congratz on deading the smoke sticks also sir.

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