This the cd cover artwork for J-Haze “HAZE + BROWN” project. i know he mention the name is about the activities he enjoy in life. Hahahah. But I know the brown is about alcohol for sure. So he passed me a few ideas as far as concepts. I kinda of knew what direction I wanted to go with the joint afterwards.
Since he’s being consumed by the brown willfully. I had the idea of having J-Haze in the bottle like Harry Houdini the magician doing the Chinese water torture trick. But surrounded by his studio equipment. Just to show a zoning focus state all together.
I knew for a fact I had to find some colors to work with brown. if i would’ve chose primary colors i don’t think heads would really get captured by the feel and emotion of the artwork. At first I was going to leave just a outline of the equipment and have a random dude in the bottle. But this is J-haze past time while creating, so it had to be him on the cover and everything on there done right.
The wild part about this was J-Haze didn’t know I was trying to make the whole cd as the bottle until i mention it. So the cover is the front of the bottel while the back of the cd is a label with the track listing on it.

I know he want to drop a single before the release so I created the artwork above these words to mesh with the whole look of the project. Instead have having him again on the artwork for the single. I just made the equipment large with the same layout so when you saw the cover it all tie in together. But check out the Teaser of the album right here :HAZE+BROWN TEASER



  1. When i first saw this i was like, “that’s classic Goldi right there, this is dope.” I thought it was Haze laid out on the floor, listening to beats & tryn’a catch a vibe or something. I totally missed the bottle concept until i read your description… but now, it clearly looks just as you described it. It even reminds me of the Old English 800 bottle to be exact. Great concept, and I like all of the brown usage as well.

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