oh no!!!! press go or the
panick button
invisible nuclear reactions
as blacks are being
subtracted from the population
stored in money makin bunkers
with bars, no vacancy
more than half consume
the rooms with no room
flashbacks of slave ship, that
provide the same room
then i collapse, sankofa
hauted by spirits on my
sofa, in the same room
then i saw the truth………..
…….doctor doom blamed reed richards
like nixon corrupt days during 7 days
playing patty cake with 12 monkeys,
losing, because their smarter then him
or us, but wait 12 monkeys, 12 planets
12 month in a year, 12 disiciples, add
twenty to 12 , then you’ll find out that’s
the life expecany of all are prophets
but their smarter than us, aliens
ask me with a high frequency pitch
like dolphins, is it the end?
man i just read the new edition paper
listening to new edition asking
the same question about the end,
pssst, pssst
and if your on t.v ,don’t promote the
end, because the four horsemen
will be vex
i wakeup just to notice
i’ve been always surronded by
invisible walls
can i please get my check
– Goldi Gold (2002)


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