Picture by Lens of Life photography

This past weekend was very very very nice too me. Oh yes! I got the royal treatment. A slight break from the ATL. I set up my Attack of the black book to post my saturday art but it didn’t happen. Smh. But that’s a prime example of how you plan things and it don’t work out. I took it for what it was and made the best of it. I’ve taken that outlook for a lot of things as of late. Consuming, maintaining, adjusting and reflecting the best part to the massive or maybe to myself.
But before i made it back to the ATL. I hit heads up to link up once i got back. Flux of course, Brian (Soul Plus) and Will (highimpact videos). I dropped my bags in the crib and went right back outside to wait on heads. We went to Whole Food and chilled tough outside. Talked, ate, laughed and built about many issue while enjoying the sights of the lovely ladies #thumbsup.
I know each of them was going through their own things so it just felt good to chill for a moment once again before the start of the week. That was my idea and it worked out very well. But it’s a very busy week and weekend for the kid so time to get ish popping. Ahhhhh!! Next Attack of th black book is day 100. Hahaha. The saga continues no doubt! Salute to the massive that wished me safe travels during my movements for the better!! 100


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