Pressure bust pipes and lips!!!

I think this chick I know deleted me as a friend on facebook. If I was a unstable dude i would sweat the situation. I guess when you don’t call people they take things the wrong way. I guess I’ll expect to get deleted by about 6 other people this month. It’s almost like I wasn’t there when ish hit the fan in her life. it’s all love yo! it might be a error with facebook. Flux might tell you “That dude don’t care!” And my reply might be “pretty much.”
I grind yo! Not as much as I want but it seems like I’m doing too much for others. I’m not the dude to say I’m too busy for people. I’ve often in many cases make time for my people but sometimes the weight in my own world consume me.
I’ve learn to handle situation myself. The worst thing in the world to me is to tell somebody my problem and they trying to overshadow it with their problem. Thus my attitude of be kick back. Heads telling me about a situation they clearly have the answer too and i’m thinking about how recently my moms passed out in the crib and she was taken right to the emergency room. And i wasn’t there to help. Naw, that couldn’t happen to me because since I have all the so called answer i’m immune to bad ish happening to me.
I don’t need to talk about my problem in life. I’m always here to help people in all shapes or forms with no strings attached. My plate right now is crazy full and I appreciate the massive that make sure I’m good with a text, Dm or facebook message. I promise you it does wonders.
Anyway i won’t be doing them midnight drops for the Attack of the black book. It’s enough I’m doing a 365 project. I had to add a deadline for myself to post the artwork. Smh. Yep! I’m a true virgo. Hahaha. It’s still gonna be daily but it’s gonna be whenever i drop that joint. I need to stop handcuffing myself to rules i’ve created. I have to purchase a new art pad and markers this weekend and then I’m back in B.i.
Salute to the massive. Appreciate the support. Keep deleting me if you want. Somebody will appreciate what I do. Maybe. 100


4 thoughts on “Pressure bust pipes and lips!!!

  1. Transparency indeed. There’s so much poppin off on a daily basis…it’s easy to get consumed in other people’s shit and then realizing at the final hour that we didn’t even focus on our own shit. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of Goldi and (you already know) I’ve always wished we could build/hang more…..but I do know that your name is fitting!
    You shine so bright on so many different levels….I often stand in awe. Brotha you go HARD! After my long ass day teaching the youth…then coming home to my two…then onto UWD….I’m crazy tired. There are mmmaaadd times that I say to myself “Goldi is prolly up grindin somewhere….keep going Kala.” (That’s my word) At first I put a deadline to post my collages too (every morning by 7 a.m.) I feel you on that but I had to do as you did and get rid of them cuffs. : )
    Put Golidi Gold first sometimes. Learn to say no. Keep grindin.
    You are truly appreciated.

  2. Thanks much mama. I was on your blog earlier just reading the captions under the pics. I peep the struggle but you keeping it moving with no excuse and i have all the respect in the world for you with that. You know i have no problem with people. It’s just the people that trip off the sand grain stuff like you not out there trying to be somebody. I try my very best not to be selfish with my time but I have to do me. It’s like you love your kids but you don’t want to be around them all the time. Space is a beautiful thing when you respect it. But no sweat mama. You’ve always been good with I. hahaha. Get some rest!

  3. fa real tho? if it was REALLY that serious, in the time you took to write this you could have picked up the phone to call and see what happened since you have her number and have used it many times. but then i guess you would not have anything to BLOG about right?

    as u always tell me: keep “doin” u man.

  4. I guess i wasn’t suppose to post that comment. But my reply would be that before i saw what happen on facebook. I called a couple of times and sent a message to her on facebook just to see if she was aight. No reply to any of the messages. I didn’t take it personal what’s so ever. I never do because I respect people space. like i mentioned in the write up “it’s all love yo! it might be a error with facebook” The situation just so happen to revolve around what’s been going on with me as a whole. If i’m wrong, i’m never scared to admit that what so ever. I didn’t create this post to slander her or draw her out for attention even though i know she check this blog. I didn’t post any link to her facebook page. I didn’t delete anything that connected to her on the blog.
    I could’ve posted it on facebook and watch all kind of comments roll in and she would’ve not known anything about it. But that’s Wack!! She knows what time i go to work. She could’ve called me when i went to work and left all kind of message good or bad just to avoid talking to me. I would’ve took it for what and was and just deleted the post since it seem like feeling was hurt. I never lied to this person since i’ve know her and she know i keep ish 100. How is this different

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