I worked with Sole Plus yesterday at the Hoop of Atlanta event yesterday. Man! I witness kids with too much energy running around like crazy all day. Hahaha. But Hoop of atlanta, a yearly event, had about 30 basketball courts in the building. Women, men, child also wheelchair basketball took part in the event. A lot of the games where broken down in teams. And like any game, the best team made it to the finals.
Soul plus as usual had kids create a sneaker design with a positive message. The best shoe design with a message gets created by the organization and the shoe is given by the youth that created it to a child that’s less fortunate. All around values for everybody.
My part. I’m the artist on the scene drawing with the kids, helping out, and as usually bugging out with them. It was a very dope day as usual with the organization. I ran into one of the students Flux and I showed and talked about art too at the international school in stone mountain. She was like ‘Your the artist that was at my school” My reply “Yup”. Then I had jokes about her basketball skills. Hahaha! Yep it was a good day.


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