I’m consumed by different things. A mixture of emotions. It really can’t be defined. Some things aren’t meant to be answered when you want the answers. I guess time knows when your ready to accept every bit of the truth. I honestly have my moments when I want to do MORE. But I have to finish what I already have. The problem with many artist. This fixation for embracing the new like it’s always the answers. Sometimes if you get asked the right questions. The answers can easily create a new situation based off of what’s already had. That’s if your willing to see it that way.
I remind myself “I have to do better” everyday. Some days I’m deaf to that notion. Other days I’m blind to that thought. Usually, which seems to be often. The wake up call for me is to tell myself “I’m fucking up!” This thought is directed towards me solely. Which is true sometimes. But now “I’m ready to do better.” Watch me


One thought on “Annnnnndddd!!!

  1. Dang chief, it’s still amazing how sometimes the outside response is complete opposite from the inner perspective. Gotta keep pushing unless you’re fully satisfied. Don’t know too many of those people! You got it CHAMP! FANGGGGG!

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