I showed my company tonight that pic above of me in that Atlanta’s Finest book by Angela Carter. She was impressed. Hahaha. Which end up being good for me towards the end of the night. It’s all good though. But I really do appreciate being in this book of fly artist on different levels in the their own field . I don’t really think I’ve done enough work to be in the book. But that’ll always be the case towards oneself as a artist. I’m growing. My people from Bk who I’d jump the broom with without a second thought inspired me every time I talk to her to be a better man and artist. Thus this creative rampage I’ve been on. I have 2 more online interviews next month. And plenty of dope things going on this year. So it don’t stop. if you in the ATL. You can buy the Atlanta’s finest coffee book at Mood music in Atlanta. Support the real people. 100


3 thoughts on “ATL FINEST?

  1. Like that shirt man. I think that I can do better though. I mean… it’s OK and all but… you know. Your art is aight I guess. Nah, matter of fact your whole style is chump. Come to think of it that shirt is cheeks man. Gotta come better than that MR..45.
    Congrats bruh.

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