I’m about to work on a coloring book. My people sent me a story line she wrote that seems like a winner. The concept is built around a child, insects and nature. I guess working on this attack of the black book is going to come in handy once i start on this book. The visual gonna be dope enough for child to really want to color it and the story is fly enough for older kids and parents to embrace. So we crossing the board with this. I was reading the story line thinking “I didn’t know that” And i know more than my share about things. HAHAHA!
But I’m going to breakdown the story in pages maybe this weekend. I still have to work on that FTP black is beautiful street cd, adrift joint, The art and preparing for the art show for black august and prep for this art beats and lyric show next week.And i didn’t mention the long awaited art book I’m still working on. I might just work on it when i’m on vacation as crazy as that sound. But I’m really looking forward to working on this coloring books.
I feel once i get the main character look, the rest should be down hill. Maybe?



  1. Wow! Amazing you are…and very humble! I wish you many blessings and strength : ) Thank you for the inspiration Goldi!

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