Art beat and lyrics jump off this friday. It’ll be a good thing because the artist that have been in the event from the door can get together and have a good time. That’s the real part of friday. Plus we get a chance to see new work from other artist who have joined the event from out of town.
But I finished my piece for the show this past weekend. As usual I do ish for the people so I’m very proud of the final outcome. And the people that’s actually a part of it should be amp when they see it.
I’ve been in event since 95. First showing was the High museum. Which was there second show after jumping it off at the 5 spot. Nobody knew who the heck I was. Everybody had these big super gigantic pieces. I was walking around with my artwork in hand. A 18×20 frame from target. And the print was printed from my computer of nas and the actually size was 8.5 X 11. I stayed in that spot until I knew my artwork was displayed up in there. and yo! I got in.
I still had to grind afterward. By the time they jumped off the joint again a couple of years later. My name was on the flyer and artwork was on the register page for every event. The saga continues. Shouts to flux for the callbo with the kid and making some fly ass artwork for the events.
But make your way out there and just have fun. It’s gonna pack as phuck. I know that much. 100


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