Word money! I’m on day 200 with this personal project. The image of choice is a reminder. I got this reminder from my people early this morning (appreciate you always lady),my brother rob gee, flux and with the latest status I threw up on facebook. Thank you for the concerns. I’m going to make a effort with this. it’s wild because I’m the one that’s always telling people to relax or chill. But I think it matters more when somebody takes the time to wish me that also and actually mean it. But I must admit I have a late night ahead of me tonight. I’ll be helping flux put together his artwork for art, beats and lyrics friday. Gezzzuuuusss! Our wall gonna be a beast with Mr. Soul artwork added to it. And the fly part. It’s represented the underground in the ATL. But yo! I’ll slow it a down a likkle bit. Maybe. Shouts to Makala who is getting it in with her 365 project. she’s almost at 300 son!!! Gotta love a lady who mean what she says. Poodie you know what’s up!!!! 100


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