photo & model CHD:WCK!

I knocked out my piece for the Black august show that’s going down at the city of ink on the august 26th. Now I’m working on j45 shirts for vending the next day during happily natural day. People think the t shirt game is easy. Think that if you want. Your longevity with pushing the shirts will end just that quick with that thought. Its a art that everybody can’t do. But I’ve been going back in fourth with thoughts about this event since I most likely won’t be there to vend. I’m just gonna go with what I know. My dude kerm and flux are witness to the j45 set up at events. The Dream team! hahaha. But, It’s usually a real boastful outcome. I was gonna try to work on a new design for the event. A damn good design also. But heads have a couple of ace in a hole designs that’ll work. The shirt CHD:WCK rocking will be part of the lineup. it’s better to be smart with what you got than broke with overstock.


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