Ahhhhhhh! I’m about to get lamax after this. Yesterday afternoon I met with dubelyoo to get the money from the j45 sales at Abl. The shirts did very well. It’s usually not a let me get my money and i’m out situation. We sat and built for maybe and hour and change. He put me on to some real informative shit. Plus he stress for me to do a solo show. hahaha. I didn’t expect that line right there.
As artist we have our own circle. I peep people struggle and try to support if possible because what it boils down too. Other people setbacks or issues can easily be a chapter in your own life. It might not be on the same level but you can easily say you can relate. A lot of ideas dub mention I was already on the same page with from the door, so I just have to do my part as usual. But it was a real good meeting. I got my cash. I dropped it off in the business account. Monday, ordering about 48 more shorts which are broken down to fit the needed style that’s already in the lab. which will be pushed at the happily natural day event. Got a new black book to attack. And it don’t stop. And it don’t quit. Salute


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