I try not to add negative energy on my blog but in some cases it’s more about being realistic and observant which usually follow with a honest expression by any means. I’m tired yo! real tired. The concept of the drawing for day 224. A rat coming out of a magic hat trying to front like it’s a rabbit with fake bunny ears. Yea! I drew that straight out the head with a ink sharpie. Usually when approaching my bornday. I do more evaluation about different aspects in my life. I’m coming to realize there’s more people coming out that magic hat like that picture up top than actually being the real deal. I’ve tolerated them long enough. Preaching the practice of balance and overstanding when it only fall under their own accord. I’m not throwing in the white towel. I’m just walking away. The situation have been defined. Shit it’s sad. I love all my out of town people ALLDAY! Had to mention that because the support from them are often priceless. But the count down continues. Then i’ll just do the same thing. CONTINUE! No love lost since as usual the exchange was a one way street. I’m just trying to be a better person. like we all should easily desire to be with out tricks.


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