It’s Jax day today. I’m gonna be honest. When this date hit, I work harder than usual with my art and my shell become real thin with ease. Which means my usual attitude of brushing things off is usually turned off. The overstanding dude has left the building. But it all boils down to I miss my dude. It’s hard to keep in mind that divine order kicked in and took him to another path. I respect the common outcome of all. But some days a lot of wondering consume that rational thought of death to a whole different height. But we do better for jax sake! Salute to fam. All day everyday!


One thought on “ATTACK OF THE BLACK BOOK 291

  1. That’s Real and I can relate. Sometimes I wonder if I use it as an excuse. I tend to re-evaluate my being around this time as well. But shit braddah, we all protect those feelings for the most part but if we don’t let them out we are doing our selves damage too. Salute to you champ for keeping it growing! FANGGGGGGG!

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