I have to give a shout out to Ree of lens of life photography for actually taking my suggestion to be in the art show and printing out the photo I picked for her to display (which is shown up top) in the show.This is all about understanding that a person has the best interest for another person. Which equal”TRUST”. Any type of form of relationship is built on those five words”TRUST. The damn foundation of all things. At least the good things. But I’ve been in past situation where I had not one soul to help me out during my crossroads in life. That’s why part of me have this ‘I don’t give a damn attitude” and the other part help the massive out without a single thought when the situation permits. That’s my balance. But I mentioned to her I appreciate the fact that she did listen. I know how some people take it personal and create ideas that a ninja is just telling them what to do. And in some cases that is the fact (not with me) but don’t confuse it when it’s genuine. Anyway. She have 2 people wanting to buy the piece from the show which more than triple the money she got for getting it done. Yea! everything is real over here. 100


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