I’ve explained to people that just because a person or group add the term “Hustle” to their venture that it shouldn’t always be embraced as a positive action with surviving in the concrete jungle. For example, I haven’t heard Jay-z mention a word or seen any visuals of him setting foot down in the Occupy Wall street area (I might be wrong. i doubt it). But here he is Doing what he claim Record company did to old school heads in hip hop (which they did) capitalizing on a culture. Well in this situation more so a worldwide event started by the people. This T-shirt ‘Occupy all streetz” is about to be pushed or being pushed through the roc a wear site. Where they stress that the t shirts have nothing to do with the Occupy Wall street movement. Oh word! So while they get mopped up right now by the cops down in wall street. This dude is chilling off of a sold out tour. Where each ticket started at 1 hundred and change is now about to get paid from people. People who need to understand how being organize in some shape or form can build strengths in numbers. But since we the largest consumers and hop on the bandwagon of some of these pop artist with a quickness. This shirt will be bought and since the creation of the shirt isn’t really complex. It will be bootleg just that quick. Anyway. Yo Jay! I respect plenty of your hustle moves all day, but this move. NAH! Check this clothing brand out

‘99% UNITED WE STAND’ black rubber wristbands

The WORK crew shows solidarity with the 99% with these black rubber wristbands that read ‘99% UNITED WE STAND’. This is a non-profit project by WORK, with ALL PROFITS being donated to OWS for supplies. by Work Availability:Black/One Size
and they got shirts like this:

Which can be bought at digital gravel I rather heads support stuff with real intention instead of something for a quick buck.


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